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addition to the daily fish portion (100 g) - if you wanted to rely on food as the sole 

source of vitamin D. However, eggs are not even ethically justifiable in organic quality, 

since laying hens have to live in catastrophic conditions and - even in organic 

agriculture - are no longer considered economical after 1.5 years at the latest because 

they are emaciated and no longer lay enough eggs , slaughtered and exchanged for new 

chickens. How you can meet your vitamin D requirements with edible mushrooms Edible 

mushrooms can produce significant amounts of vitamin D when grown in the where Chemistry 

in 2014 examined the vitamin D losses in eggs, margarine and bread caused by cooking, 

baking and frying. Baking for 40 minutes resulted in a loss of up to 60 percent of the 

Boiled eggs still contained 82 to 84 .Wheat bread lost 15 percent of its vitamin D 

while baking, while rye bread lost 30 percent (26). ANZEIGE March March & June Muesli 

apple & hemp 8.95 EUR center Center of health Foodscout issue 3 4.95 EUR Earlier we 

So it can be that you still 

have a decent 25-OH value and are told that everything is OK when it comes to vitamin D 

supply, but still has symptoms of vitamin D deficiency because the proportion of free 

vitamin D. is too low. The test for free vitamin D is particularly recommended if you had 

If the free vitamin D is too low, 

you should definitely take vitamin D, even if the 25-OH vitamin D value is okay (21) . If 

the 25-OH vitamin D value is over 50 ng / ml, the free vitamin D is normal in 100 percent 

of the cases. With 25- OH vitamin D values below 20 ng / ml, the free vitamin D is too 

low in 100 percent of the cases. If the 25-OH vitamin D 

value is between 30 and 40 ng / ml, then the free vitamin D is too If the 25-OH vitamin D 

value is between 40 and 50 ng / ml, then the free vitamin D is too low in 11 percent of 

the cases. Vitamin D readings: how to convert When the result of your vitamin D test 

arrives from the laboratory, it can be expressed in three different units: ng / ml = 

nanograms per milliliter (free vitamin D is given in pg / ml) μg / l = micrograms per 

liter nmol / l = nanomoles per liter If you get your values in nmol / l and you want to 

convert them to ng / ml or vice versa, it works quite simply, namely like this: x nmol / 

l: 2.5 = z ng / ml y ng / ml x 2.5 = z nmol / l Insert the values from your analysis 

values for x and y. z stands for the converted result. Now you only need the so-called 

standard or guide values with which you can compare your values to see whether you are 

well supplied with vitamin D or whether you have a deficiency. Vitamin D levels: These 

levels are normal, too low, too high Officially (DGE) these reference values are still 

given: Deficiency: less than 30 nmol / l (= 12 ng / ml) Insufficiently supplied: 30 nmol 

/ l to 50 nmol / l (= 12 ng / ml to 20 ng / ml) Well taken care of in terms of bone 

health: at least 50 nmol / l (= at least 20 ng / ml) A value of at least 50 nmol / l - 

according to the DGE - can be achieved with an ingestion of 20 µg vitamin D per day if 

the body does not produce its own vitamin D. However, from the point of view of many 

vitamin D experts, the above values are set too low, which means that values that are 

Today, however, we know that values below 30 ng / ml are already inadequate or at least 

not sufficient to survive the winter without a deficiency and that values secondaires, 

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